Stunt Training

Stunt Training

Are you looking to complete your stunt training?
Look no further…

High Springers offers training for those who wish to join the stunt register. Trampolining forms part of the modules required to complete this training and although some candidates still work full time it is often difficult to fit all the training in. We offer several options to suit around your needs.

JISC Trampoline Qualification Requirements:

  • Back Somersault- Tucked, Piked and Straight

  • Front Somersault-Tucked, Piked and Straight

  • Gain Front Somersault Tucked

  • Gain Back Somersault Tucked

  • Barani Tucked, Piked and Straight

  • Link: Back Somersault Straight, Barani straight, Back Somersault Piked

  • Crash Dive Straight, Barani Ball Out Tucked

  • Lazy Back(3/4 Back) Straight

  • Half Twist to Crash Dive

  • 1/2 Twist to Front Somersault Tucked

  • Full Twisting Front and Back Somersault

  • Side Somersault

  • 1 1/4 Front Tucked

  • 1 1/4 Back Tucked

  • 1 3/4 Front Tucked Barani Ball Out

    These skills are required to be performed to a high standard and will be assessed by an approved JISC assessor. Each skill performed will be marked out of 10. Deductions will be made for any skills that are not performed accurately. The maximum score is 150 and each candidate requires a minimum of 120 to pass. This is an average of 2 deductions per skill.

    These skills can take general members years to master and therefore candidates are advised to understand that they should not expect to complete these skills in a specific time. We offer 1:1 sessions and group sessions, it is advised that candidates should have a very good level of fitness as trampolining for long periods of time is tiring.
    Please contact Charlotte for further information and to find out more about courses we are running: