Welcome to the world of trampoline where fun happens in the air!

Trampolining has been around for over a century with no real evidence as to when it was first established. In 1934 a gentleman called George Nissen revolutionized the trampoline. George designed and built a trampoline to aid with his diving and tumbling training. The trampoline was given its name from the Spanish word ‘trampolin’ which is spanish for diving board. George then went on entertaining using his trampoline in shows and demonstrations.

The US Navy Flight School used trampolines in World War II to allow their pilots to experience different orientations stimulating flight. Trampolining was later recognised by the American and Soviet space agencies to provide the astronauts with the ability to practice and master the different body positions required during flight. The physical benefits of the sport were now becoming widely recognised that the USA first introduced trampolining into their curriculum.

Did you know that Trampolining is an Olympic sport? Trampolining was first introduced as an Olympic sport in the 2000 Sydney games and now continues to be a recognised gymnastics sport. After 16 years Bryony Page brought home success for Great Britain in the Rio 2016 Olympic games with a score of 56.04 taking a silver medal!
Here at High Springers we offer a number of classes suitable for pretty much everyone, any age, any ability and any size!
We offer drop in classes, structured classes and even advanced squad training.


We run term time only recreational trampoline classes that are either 45 or 60 minutes long. The classes are suitable from 3yrs old and are suitable for complete beginners. The classes are generally 3-5yrs, 5-9yrs and 9-15yrs.
During the classes the participants work through the British Gymnastics Trampoline Award Scheme where they are able to pass their different levels, with the option of purchasing a badge and certificate set.
The classes are charged at the current rate for duration of the class. Fees are payable in either a  half a term or a full term. Choosing to pay for the full term gives the member a slightly reduced class rate. The number of weeks is dependant on the term.
Please see class timetable for more information.
Recreational classes do not have mandatory club kit. There is optional leotards and personalised t-shirts and hoodies available.
The classes currently run from three different locations:
Bushey Grove Leisure Centre, WD23
Aldenham School Sports Centre, WD6
St.Margarets School Sports Centre, WD23
Mill Hill County High School, NW7


Parent and toddler drop in classes are perfect for those who can’t commit every week but still want to have a bounce!
Parents are welcome to join in with their toddler where possible. During the classes there are qualified coaches on hand to give some tips and instruction on how to do some new skills! We also teach the toddlers how to  be safe on the trampoline and how to land correctly. The children are able to take part in some fun games and challenges including races, ball games, sing a-long bounces and Rock Paper Scissors.
Trampolining is fantastic for building strength and coordination at a young age!
Check out our class timetable for more information.
Even if we don’t have a class suitable for you, please contact us to add your name to our interest list.


High Springers not only runs classes for children we also cater for adults! We offer a popular drop in class which is open to anyone over the age of 16yrs old. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been on a trampoline before, or whether your an ex competitor this class is suitable for all. During the class you are allowed to do as much as you like, there is no particular structure to the class. We have fully qualified and experienced coaches on hand to give you as much advice as you would like. In the class we will support you through learning any new skills including somersaults! All inexperienced bouncers who come along for the first time are guaranteed to go home having learnt a few new skills. We are unable to allow anyone who is pregnant to take part as trampolining is extremely dangerous whilst pregnant. If you have any medical conditions that you would like to check before coming along then please contact us in advanced.
What are you waiting for? Come along and have a try?
Class Details:
Mondays @ Aldenham School Sports Centre, Aldenham Road, Elstree, WD6 3AJ
£7 drop in  / £20 – 4 week course
Please email us if you would like to come along. We do not have a booking system for this class however we are only able to take 15 participants. Those that let us know in advanced will be able to secure their place.